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Stemless Wine Glass

What customers have to say about our Stemless Wine Glass

July 29, 2017

love this wine glass

"As a wine drinker myself, I love stemless wine glasses. Would be a great gift for any wine lover."

April 25, 2016

Love these - I've ordered one for everyone in my family!

"I've ordered nine of these wine glasses for the women in my family. And then I ordered one for my father because he was feeling left out. We love them! They are beautifully etched and a good quality glass. I have played around with the personalization and made some cute designs. In the past people would use wine charms but with the stemless design being so popular- we needed something to keep glasses straight when everyone was together. Highly recommend."

August 7, 2017

So good I bought more!

"I bought the first set for my sister and her husband when they got married earlier this year and they really liked it. I thought they were wonderful too. Cane back and bought another set for another wedding I had this month, both the bride and groom loved them! I really liked the ability to customize them to make them more personal!"

August 2, 2017

Fun glasses, great quality

"We got these for our wedding head table. Love them! They fit with our Decour and seem to be made of high-quality. We have already washed them in the dishwasher a couple of times and they look good. I hope was to have these glasses for years to come and to remember our special day. I think that will be the case!"

December 2, 2016


"Purchased these engraved stemless wine glasses for the bride and groom and they turned out well. Very nice presentation box also. They complement glassware on the bridal registry."

Add Elegance to Any Special Occasion With Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are quaint, attractive and perfect for weddings or other special occasions. The only thing that can make them even more perfect is having them customized with etched monogram designs. Shutterfly makes it refreshingly easy to turn regular wine glasses into customized works of art.

How to Store Wine

Wine is notoriously finicky and can be ruined if it is not stored properly. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when storing a prized bottle of wine for future use:

• Keep it away from the light. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight and fluorescent lamps can filter in through the bottle can cause the wine to develop an unpleasant aroma.
• Avoid fluctuations in temperature. Exposing your wine to significant changes in temperature will cause it to age prematurely. Most varieties of wine do well when stored at 54⁰ Fahrenheit.
• Manage humidity. Try to keep your wine storage area at around 70% humidity, if possible. This will help keep evaporation at a minimum and prevent the cork from drying out. Storing corked bottles on their side will also help prevent the corks from drying.
• Store for the appropriate period of time. Although there is a well-known saying that wine improves over time, this is not always the case. Some types of wine actually degrade in quality over time, so it is important to follow the appropriate storage recommendations for each type of wine you purchase.

Isolate your wine. Storing anything with a strong odor near your wine could taint its flavor.

Customized Wine Glass Uses

Since wine is commonly served at weddings, it is a good idea to present wedding guests with stemless glasses as wedding favors. Have the stemless wine glasses personalized with your initials or a favorite saying so that they can be used as home décor once the special event is over. Dishwasher-safe bar and glassware also make great gifts for the wine enthusiasts in your life.

While you’re customizing your stemless wine glasses, why not expand your glassware collection by creating personalized glass plates, glass prints, mason jars, and cups for your home? Custom wine glasses also make great party favors for wine tasting parties. Plan an evening with friends to blind test different varietals for aromas and flavors.

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